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2015 Christmas Letter

AHWW Best Foot
AHWW Best Foot

Overview - At Home Writing Workshop - Put Your Best Foot Forward

AHWW Fiction

Overview - At Home Writing Workshops - Fiction

AHWW Nonfiction
AHWW Nonfiction Overview

Overview - At Home Writing Workshops - Nonfiction

Bearing Fruit

Best Oppor
Best Opportunities

Best Opportunities in Christian Periodicals

Best Opportunity Markets

Book Signing Tips

CD Order Form CO 2015

CD Order Form GP 2015

Crisis of Confidence

Crisis of Confidence

Critique Process

Guidelines for critiquers and person being critiqued in a writers group.

Critique process

CWS Baltimore July 9 2016

Deadly Ds
Conquering the Deadly Ds Chapter 26

Directions to Christ Chapel, Cheshire CT

Forming a critique group

Forming critique groups
forming writers critique groups

Get the Word Out
Bible study

Get Your Book in Print Seminar in CD
Book in Print Seminar

Go & Grow Write & Speak through the Hurts
Go & Grow

Goal Planning Chart

Goals for a critique group

Going & Growing, Writing & Speaking through the Hurt CD
Go & Grow CD

Grow Writing Ministry

Habakkuk 2:2 Blueprint

Hook Your Readers

Lay a Solid Foundation
Lay a Solid Foundation for Your Writing Ministry

LCWF SS 2017

LCWF Super Saturday 2016

My Turn to Care - contributor's info
MTC contributor's info

My Turn to Care release sheet
MTC new release sheet

My Turn to Care new release sheet

Needs of Christian Periodicals

Overcoming Procrastination
Chapter from Write His Answer

Planning a Seminar
Planning a Seminar

Proclaiming Truth in Perilous Times

Put on the Armor

Regener8 News Release
Regener8 News Release

Scope of Christian Periodicals

SKWD Information

SKWD Special Offer

Use of Scripture

WHA CD Album

Write His Answer Seminar on CD

WHA Chap 2 Look to Jesus

Chapter 2 from Write His Answer - A Bible Study for Christian Writers.

WHA Seminar Brochure

Writer's Statement of Faith

Writing Personal experience story workshop
PE Wksp

2017 Christmas letter

Goal Planning Chart

LCW 2018 Press Release

LCW 2018 Flyer

LCW SS 2018 flyer

LCW SS 2018 updated PR

LCW SS 2018 updated flyer

Get the Word Out

2018 Christmas letter

2018 CO CD order form

2018 GP CD order form

Power for Living

Freedom to Live Victoriously

Grow Your Writing Ministry

Making It Happen

Check off list PE stories