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Build Your Author Platform with a Purpose
Mimika Cooney

by Mimika Cooney

Mimika Media, 2019
132 pages
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In this book you will discover:

  • A personal branding strategy to help you create a powerful brand.
  • Strategies for marketing your books to reach your ideal readers.
  • Best practices in email marketing to grow an audience fast.
  • A personal branding social media strategy to become a recognized name online.
  • Social media marketing strategies to boost your visibility.
  • Email marketing free tools to get started quickly.
  • How to work with publishers, editors, publicists, podcasters, TV and the media.
  • The do’s and don’ts of Facebook and Video marketing.
  • How to self publish a book to elevate your authority in your market.
  • Book marketing strategies to put you on the path to best seller success.
  • Leveraging Facebook and Amazon AMS advertising to grow book sales.