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How to Format Your Book in Word
Colin Dunbar

by Colin Dunbar, 2019
352 pages
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Note from Marlene: Wow! Highly recommended. Note: for PC Windows only.

You go from plain manuscript to fully formatted book, ready to upload, or publish offline.Every aspiring writer who wants to self-publish their book will find this volume a gold mine of steps, tricks, and techniques for the formatting of ebooks and paper books. And even if you don’t plan to do your own book formatting, there is a wealth of knowledge to be had by reading this book.How to Format Your Book in Word is complete with examples, many screenshots, and example files. It is indeed a goldmine.Chapter 1 offers the basic structure of paper books. This serves as a foundation for any aspiring writer to understand how a book is structured.Chapters 2 to 4 offer the detailed steps to format your ebook for Kindle and Smashwords, plus how to design your book for KDP Print. These chapters will save you hours of frustration and hassles.This book not only covers the formatting and design of a book, but Chapter 5 also presents the steps for uploading your book files to the three big online publishers: Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, and KDP Print. Again, saving you many hours.Now, you have in your hands something more than a book – it’s actually more like a course on formatting and designing your book."I’m serious, this is a great book and in all my years in self-publishing, I’ve learned so much about formatting and designing a book in Word." - Penny C. Sansevieri, CEO and Founder, Author Marketing Experts, Inc.