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Called to Write
Seven Principles to Become a Writer on Mission

By Edna Ellison and Linda GIlden

New Hope Publishers, 2014
203 pages
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Called to Write will inspire you to acquire the art of writing or will affirm your calling to write for the kingdom of God. Written by two award-winning and widely published authors and writing coaches, the book is filled with wisdom about how to keep your writing in line with the heart of God. Called to Write identifies seven key competencies every author needs to be a writer on mission. Two aspects of each of the seven competencies are included. First, authors will explore the competency through an informational chapter helping them understand the importance of staying grounded in that competency area. The informational chapter is then followed by an inspiring how-to-implement section, making the book extremely practical. It is ideal for keeping a Christian writer on track with a gospel focus in their writing.