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Write It Right! Scenes Style & Voice
Susan Tuttle

WriterWithin Publications, 2014
154 pages
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In only 30-45 minutes a week, you can unlock the writer within you! Write It Right Workbook #4: Scenes, Style/Voice contains lessons and exercises that will expand your wiring skills in only a few minutes a week. Designed for all levels—beginner, intermediate and advanced—all writers all will gain maximum value from these exercises. Each lesson encourages you to break through your comfort zone, and best of all, because the exercises cross all levels, you can return to them over and over as your skills continue to grow and develop. Unit #7: Scenes offers eleven lessons/exercises that will help you craft an unforgettable story. Scenes are the building blocks of our stories. They hold the whole together, draw in readers and don’t let them go, especially if the correct scene format is used for each scene. Unit 7: Scenes takes you through the 9 different scene structures and into the scene question and transitions between scenes so that your stories truly live in the hearts and minds of hour readers. Unit 8: Style/Voice presents strategies to help you develop your own unique writing style, a clear, consistent voice that will stand out among all the others and be readily recognizable as yours alone. These 9 exercises will show you how to tap into your life experience to bring your true voice and style to the fore. The essence of voice and style lie deep within us, innate natural storytelling qualities that, once realized, will enable you to tell a story as only you can tell it. A voice that is uniquely yours. Even though these are Units #7 and #8, this workbook stands alone. You do not need to begin with Unit #1 and work forward. Each Unit is self-contained and not dependent upon the preceding and following units. Let Write It Right Workbook #4: Scenes and Voice/Style begin to increase your writing skills today.