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Write It Right! Point of View
Susan Tuttle

WriterWithin Publications, 2014
150 pages
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In only 30 minutes a week, you can unlock the writer within you! Point of View (POV) is one of the most difficult concepts to master in the art of fiction and creative nonfiction writing, mainly because it has so many subtle nuances. POV deviations can pull readers out of the flow of the story and diminish the reading experience for them. Designed for all levels—beginner, intermediate and advanced—all writers all will gain maximum value from these exercises. Each lesson encourages you to break through your comfort zone, and best of all, because the exercises cross all levels, you can return to them over and over as your skills continue to grow and develop. In Write It Right Workbook #2: Point of View (POV) you will discover 15 lessons to help you navigate the murky waters of Point of View. Learn the difference between straight, emotional omniscient and classic omniscient POV, and understand the strengths and drawbacks of each one. Learn how to identify which character can best tell your story, and how to remain in that character’s viewpoint consistently. Gain experience in spotting and correcting POV inconsistencies, from blatant to subtle. Don’t let POV confusion stop you from being the best writer you can be. Let Write It Right Workbook #2: POV guide you into a full understanding of one of writings most difficult concepts.