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Plotting Your Novel Workbook
Janice Hardy

A Hands-On Workbook for Plotting Your Novel!

140 pages
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Award-winning author Janice Hardy guided writers through the often challenging process of planning a novel with her book, Plotting Your Novel: Ideas and Structure. At reader request, she created this workbook as a companion guide. Its larger workbook format is perfect for writers who enjoy brainstorming on paper and developing their novels in an organized and guided format.

No more searching for ideas jotted down on bits of paper
No more losing notes just when you need them most
Keep all your thoughts in one, easy-to-use workbook

The Plotting Your Novel Workbook contains more than 100 exercises for the novel-planning process. Plus Bonus Questions! The Plotting Your Novel Workbook offers writers additional exercise questions not found in Plotting Your Novel. Work through the exercises of ten workshops that build upon each other to flesh out your idea as much or as little as you need to start writing. Find exercises on:

Creating Characters
Choosing Point of View
Determining the Conflict
Finding Your Process
Developing Your Plot

Start writing your novel today! The Plotting Your Novel Workbook was created to be used with Plotting Your Novel: Ideas and Structure. It contains only the exercises and assignments.