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Weekend Book Proposal (The)
Ryan G. Van Cleave

How to Write a Winning Proposal in 48 Hours and Sell Your Book

Writer’s DIgest Books, 2014
256 pages
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Write Better Proposals Faster to Accelerate Your Writing Career!

Whether you are a true beginner or a seasoned writer looking to secure more book contracts, The Weekend Book Proposal shows you how to take your best ideas and create powerful proposals--quickly and professionally. No need to spend months laboring over a proposal when in just a few days you can write one that will ignite the interest of agents and editors.

Ryan G. Van Cleave presents the tools you need to craft an eye-grabbing proposal for your nonfiction, memoir, anthology, textbook, novel, and more. Jam-packed with proven strategies, nuts-and-bolts advice, sample queries and proposals, interviews with publishing experts, and "Hit the Gas" tips for speeding up the proposal process, The Weekend Book Proposal will show you how to succeed and prosper as a writer--and sell your books before you've even written them!

The Weekend Book Proposal explains how to:

   • Write a catchy title and book description.
   • Create a compelling author bio and chapter outline.
   • Develop a targeted, engaging concept statement.
   • Build a strong marketing plan and endorsements list.
   • Structure your proposals based on those crafted by successful authors.