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Writer's Adventure (The)
Sexton Burke

Writer’s Digest Books, 2014
192 pages
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Welcome, explorer, to The Writer's Adventure!

Strap on your canteen and unsheathe that machete--you're about to venture into mysterious places and uncharted realms. And there's likely to be a bit of wildlife to deal with along the way.

But The Writer's Adventure isn't just for professionals, no matter how dangerous it may sound. No, this particular quest simply requires that you be willing to try new things, challenge yourself, and enjoy the trip while you're at it. Along the way you'll develop compelling characters and plots, generate unique story ideas, hone your writing skills, and discover your unique writing voice. You'll also be charged with exploring every nook and cranny of your creative spirit.

There's no specific path to take, or course to chart. You can work your way through the creative prompts one after another, or dip in and out, wherever you see fit. The pages are designed to be written on, colored, torn up, sketched on--whatever helps you develop those story ideas and explore the writing craft. If you run out of room, feel free to continue your work on a separate journal or laptop. The Adventure starts here, but it can end anywhere.

As with any adventure, the bottom line is to have fun and discover new things--and it all starts with a turn of the page.