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How to Market a Book Someone Besides Your Mother Will Read
Tierney James

106 pages
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Writing a novel is a difficult and wonderful accomplishment. Most new authors fail to realize how much work still needs to be completed before even the editors, designers, and publishers have a crack at it. Why write this book? I wanted to share my marketing plan for new authors, beginning writers, and for dreamers who stare at notebooks and journals and long to make words into magic. You need to start your marketing plan from the moment you write your first paragraph.

Not all of the hints, advice or plans I offer will work for you, but some will. There won’t be time to do all of them, but you’ll have time to try many of these ideas. Some are more involved than others, but after you implement a few things, it will become easier. Don’t be afraid. You can do this. Take it from a shy, nerdy girl, who wanted to be a war correspondent, an astronaut and teacher, you just have to try.