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Blogging for Authors: The Companion Handbook
Barb Drozdowich

Bakerview Consulting (October 7, 2019)
170 pages
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Are you looking for a new way to communicate with readers? Have you considered blogging?
Do you feel uncertain about website or blogging technology or what to blog about?

Technical trainer Barb Drozdowich has been blogging for more than a decade. She understands how blogging to can be used to communicate with a growing audience of readers. She also understands how to use a blog to build a large engaged audience.

Authors know that readers are the key to success. One of the best ways to connect with these readers is through the establishment of a blog - one that isn’t just a billboard for sales & release information, but a method for establishing long term relationships with readers.

In award winning Blogging for Authors, Barb teaches not just how to set up a blog but how to turn it into a powerful tool of communication with readers. She brings several decades of teaching experience to help even the beginner author.

In this book you’ll discover:

How blogging can help to improve communication with readers
How to create powerful topics to blog about that generate shareable content
How to create optimized blog posts that will get people talking
How to protect & backup your content to keep your site safe for years to come

Through the use of clear, everyday English instructions & helpful hints, award winning Blogging for Authors helps you choose the right platform, understand the technical aspects & get started today.

If you like an easy to understand book that cuts through the technobabble that exists in many tech manuals, this book is for you!