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How to Format Your Paperback in Word
Johannes and Carrie Meierhofer

A Step-By-Step Guide For Self-Published Authors 

Packed with helpful illustrations

80 pages
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This book is intended to guide self-published authors on how to format their paperback manuscripts with Word. It not only provides a step-by-step instruction with detailed pictures to developing your reasoning skills but also ensures your manuscript meets the printing standards for various online self-publishing sites such as Amazon KDP and Barnes & Noble. If you are a beginner or less experienced author, this book will enable you to format your book interior independently and help you save a lot of money on hiring a professional. All the steps and instructions provided in this book apply to the versions of Word 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007. Although it is using the 2016 version of Word to demonstrate the formatting processes, it is very similar to the versions of Word 2019, 2013 and 2010. This book also mentions the differences in using Word 2007 compared to other versions. Some of commands or tabs may be located differently on the ribbon interface, but you won’t have the problem to find them. Formatting your manuscript is not difficult at all. As long as you follow the steps provided and accord with the printing standards, the rest of the variables like styles and designs can be done with your own creativity. Once you have the know-how, you will be an expert as well.