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Indie with Ease
Pauline Wiles

Practical ways to conquer stress, boost productivity, and love your self-publishing career.

155 pages
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Are you feeling overwhelmed by all that’s involved in self-publishing your book?

Being an indie author should be a delight, not a drudgery.

Indie With Ease demonstrates how a blend of clear purpose and steady pragmatism will enable you to thrive as an independent publisher. Through simple self-care techniques and a few mindset secrets, you’ll maximize motivation and minimize author anxiety.

With a down-to-earth blend of inspiration and practical steps, you will:

Know yourself and your unique writing style.
Set authentic, long-term writing goals.
Nurture your creativity and protect your well-being.
Maximize your energy and work at a pace you can sustain.
Limit your marketing to what really works.
Prioritize key tasks and ignore distractions.
Dodge the most common pitfalls for independent authors.