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KDP How to Self-Publish Your Book on Amazon
Ged Cusack

July 2018
268 pages
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Do you want to publish a book on Amazon that reaches more readers and sells?
Do you like writing but the thought of publishing scares you?
If you don’t know much about publishing, don’t worry. We are going to start at the beginning.
There are several Key elements to successful publishing:

Your Commitment – There’s an old saying “when your book is 90% written you are only half way there.”

Identifying your genre – Knowing your market helps to target to that market.

A Launch schedule – putting all the elements in the right order can save you a lot of stress.

The book content  – Your reader will respect quality content.  

The book cover – It turns out that readers do judge a book by its cover.

The book title – Matching the title with the cover is one of your main book marketing tools.

The Amazon book description – This is part of your sales funnel and a chance to help sell your book.

Your media pack – As an indie author you need to be ready to market your book and yourself.

Amazon reviews – Seen by some as the Holy Grail, these can make or break your book sales.

Amazon Book Ads – Targeted marketing to readers can give you a great return on your investment.

Other book formats – Once you have your content why stop at Kindle books?

Grab this book now and let’s get started on your publishing journey.