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Secrets to Pricing and Distribution
Maggie McVay Lynch

Windtree Press, 2017
170 pages
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Once you have a finished book, you need to get it into readers’ hands. Loading your book to a vendor looks deceivingly easy. However, the career author knows that each vendor has its own methods for promoting books, performing searches, and identifying ready buyers. You need to take advantage of these differences in order to maximize your profits and discoverability.

Capitalize on competitive retail pricing in different markets, and use effective metadata to draw more readers to your books.

Learn to:
•Write compelling book blurbs for each title that focus on "reader cookies" and marketing.
•Unlock keywords and get access to hidden category options.
•Take advantage of search algorithm nuances at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple.
•Use aggregators to increase distribution opportunities around the world.
•Evaluate opportunities for direct sales to bookstores and individual consumers.