Write His Answer Seminar

Whether you’ve always dreamed of one day writing, or have already published, the Write His Answer Seminar is for you! If you’ve been procrastinating, what better time to get started than now! If you’ve been writing for some time but the doors of publication haven’t been opening, what better time to sharpen your writing and marketing skills than now!

This seminar can be presented in a two-day retreat format. I’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the possibility of bringing the seminar/retreat to your area. You do not need to have a writers group or guaranteed number of participants for me to come. All you need is a God-given desire to see a Christian writers group form (or grow) in your area and the willingness to help coordinate the seminar. Write His Answer Ministries will provide support and encouragement and the upfront funds.


7:00    Workshop 1 - Turning Personal Experiences Into Print
Learn how to pass on to your readers the help and comfort God has given you. Seven essential elements of a personal experience story and pitfalls to avoid.

8:30   Critique Session
Come with a manuscript you’d like critiqued. Receive valuable input on why it’s good, how to improve it, and where to market it. How-to’s will be presented for being an effective critiquer and for getting the most out of having your work critiqued. Portions of as many manuscripts as possible will be read. Even if you do not have a manuscript to be critiqued, you will learn principles you can apply to your own writing.


8:00    Fellowship and book tables open

8:30    Worship, Prayer, and Bible Study - Called to "Write His Answer"

9:00    Coffee break, fellowship, and book tables open.

9:30    Workshop 2 - Getting Started in the Ministry of Writing
Preparing yourself for a ministry that will touch lives. An overview of the Christian market including the best opportunities. The ministry potential of self-publishing and writing for the secular market. 

10:45   Workshop 3 – Idea to Published Manuscr
How to find, capture, organize, evaluate, and sharpen your ideas. Using a Writer’s Check-off List. Making a good impression on an editor including proper manuscript format and effective query and cover letters. Knowing your rights and the editor’s rights.

12:15   Lunch on your own - bring a bag lunch or enjoy one of the area restaurants

1:30     Workshop 4 - Writing Manuscripts that Sell and Touch Lives 
An overview of the needs of the Christian market and the best opportunities. How to get your devotionals, articles, fiction, profiles, fillers, humor, and poetry in print. Alternatives to outlining and how to pass the "So what?" test.

3:00     Break, fellowship, book tables open.

3:30     Workshop 5 - Making It Happen
How to effectively market your work and make it happen by overcoming procrastination, dealing with the D’s (disappointment, doubt, discouragement), rising above rejection, & prayerfully setting goals.

4:30  Closing Challenge and Time of Commitment (seminar ends at approximately 4:45)

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed listening to such a powerful, exciting, and interesting person. . . .
I learned so much. Being a retired school teacher, I know that some teachers know their subject matter well,
but do not know how to get the information over to the students.
In your case, you don't have to worry because you definitely know how to relate to your class.
Esther knew how to pray to get the job done, and so do you.

Annie L. Simon, Maryland

I attended your Dover Seminar last Friday and Saturday
and was tremendously challenged. I just want to thank you.
I have attended many different kinds of workshops and seminars in my life (not writing!)
but never have I seen a leader more energized, interesting and motivating!
I could tell your heart is in what you're doing.
You must have been exhausted when you got home.
I was, and I was only took notes!

God is surely using you.

A hopeful writer
Eva Maddox - Delaware