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CDs Caregiving Seminar
Seminar on 2 CDs by Marlene Bagnull

Seminar on CD – Caring for Your Aging Parents 

Caring for Your Aging Parent, Your Family, and Yourself 
Encouragement for caregivers caught in the "sandwich generation" for coping with changing roles, live-in parents, and the responsibility they also have to care for themselves and their children.

The Nursing Home Decision 
How do you know, really know, that a nursing home is the best alternative for your parent? How to find the best home, work through possible feelings of failure and guilt, and continue to provide the care your mom or dad needs after they enter a nursing home.

Marlene is available to speak to your group. She gives Evenings for Caregivers as well as overnight retreats. For more information e-mail mbagnull SPACE or call 484-991-8581.