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PUSH - Is this the End?
Mark Ammerman with E. Michael Rusten

PUSH – Is this the end?
ELEVENTH HOUR: a fictional series about the End of the Age
Mark Ammerman and Michael Rusten

The first book in a series of apocalyptic novels from Bridge Street Books. We have given ourselves to the writing of this fictional series because we feel that it’s possible that we are living in that “eleventh hour” of the history of our world.

Though Christians since the first century have believed in the impending return of the Lord Jesus, the Bible foretells of specific events which must occur before the Lord comes back. Believers differ in their understanding of the prophetic unfolding, but we all look—with a joyous hope that will not disappoint us—to that day when Jesus returns for his Bride in the glory of his Father with the holy angels. That day could come a thousand years from now, or it could be soon.

Nobody can deny, amid the wars and rumors of wars of our day, that our world is fast (and desperately) becoming a global community in need of a global solution. There is genocide on a scale hardly known, drought and famine in many regions across the world, bankrupt nations and financial crises which affect us all, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and the disintegration of the family amid widespread sexual debauchery and confusion.

In all this, the Church knows that only Jesus can stop the stampede toward hell and bring about the consummation of a just and righteous worldwide Kingdom. How will that happen? When will it happen? Jesus said that the details of all of that are in God’s hands. On the day of his ascension to the Father, Jesus told his disciples, “It is not for you to know the times or the seasons which the Father has put in his own power ” (Acts 1:7 KJV).

So we don’t know! But Jesus told us to watch, to work, to pray, to love, to evangelize, to make disciples, and to discern the times. PUSH, in the context of a page-turning contemporary thriller, proposes a scenario which we hope will help prepare the Church for whatever the Father has in mind for the last days. These are hard times already. Persecution of the Church of Jesus Christ is at a historic high around the world, and the Church in America surely faces its biggest challenges in the days ahead.

Our hope and our prayer for you, our reader, is that the words of this potent novel (and the novels which, Lord willing, are forthcoming in the Eleventh Hour series) will challenge and encourage you to take up your cross each day and follow Jesus, “come hell or high water,” until he returns.

Bridge Street Books, 2013
ISBN 9780991384402
411 pages. Trade paper.
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