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The Lost Legend of the First Christmas
J.L. Hardesty

The Lost Legend of the First Christmas
Book 1 of The Lost Legend Trilogy

A story of faith, hope and love that carries us aboard God's beloved horse to the birth of His Son, and then in Book 2, Escape Into Egypt, and Book 3, Dawn Across the Mountains, through the life and times of Jesus Christ. This fictional odyssey overflows with the most important and basic of all truths. It is a story about perseverance, a message from God that He is always with us and that we never need to give up, never have to lose heart. It is a story of overcoming, of surviving the deepest sorrows to emerge with faith, strength and determination.

Ampelos Press, 1999

ISBN 0-9661305-1-0
160 pages
Hard cover $19.95
Half price special $9.97