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Gavin Goodfellow - The Lure of Burnt Swamp
Candy Abbott

What do twelve-year-old dyslexic Gavin Goodfellow, strange old prophetically-inclined Uncle Warney, newly relocated mother-daughter witches from London, and a pimply-faced New Age guru have in common? Burnt Swamp - where flames from mysterious underground fires have been smoldering for ten years. The battle is on for dominion of the swamp and possession of an ancient diary that holds clues to either release or destroy the evil that dwells beneath the surface. Will Gavin respond to the Holy Spirit and embrace his God-given calling? Or will Bea Daark and her mother unleash forces that lure Gavin and the sleepy town of Ashboro into bondage?

Page-turning fiction that will inspire and challenge readers ages 11 and up. I can attest that, as the jacket says, this really is a book "for the kid in all of us" as well as a powerful alternative to Harry Potter.

Fruitbearer Publishing, 2007
ISBN 9798-1-886068-03-26
368 pages. Trade paper.



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