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Dawn Across the Mountains
J.L. Hardesty

Dawn Across the Mountains
Book Three of the Lost Legend Trilogy

J.L. Hardesty

It is ten years after Michael’s parting with Jesus. A vast sea of horses grazes the grassy steppes between Mount Hermon and Mount Lebanon. Michael is now the leader of his mother’s people and is acclaimed as the greatest horseman of his time. He is married to Adrianna and with her has three children, Junias, 5, Matthias, 4, and Veronica, 3. While teaching Roman infantrymen to ride and interact with horses so that they can join the cavalry, Michael incurs the wrath of one soldier who can’t grasp his techniques. When Michael catches this man taking out his anger on a horse, nearly killing the animal, the horseman loses control and beats the man almost to death.

Five years later, Michael and his beloved Brother are reunited for the first time since their long ago parting when Jesus arrives at the horseman’s camp to warn Michael that he, his family and their people are in grave danger. The soldier of the past altercation has risen in rank and sworn to take revenge. Jesus urges Michael to escape once more to Egypt out of the man’s jurisdiction.

Thus begins the final installment of the Trilogy that reveals two great truths. The first and most essential: God’s love is stronger than death. The second: the horse is one of God’s great gifts to humankind, a beautiful symbol and vehicle of the liberty bestowed on us by our loving Creator.

J-Force Publishing, 2009
272 pages. Paperback
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