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My Turn to Care
Marlene Bagnull, compiler & editor

The ultimate companion for caregivers of aging parents!

• When the roles are reversed and your parents need your help
but you don’t know how to make them happy.
• When you’re exhausted, drained, criticized, pulled in different
• When your turn to care becomes your need for care.

           YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

My Turn to Care will help you discover God’s blessings and draw
on His strength day by day and hour by hour. Devotionals and
inspirational thoughts/poetry by over 100 authors are divided into
six helpful sections:

Growing Older
Needing More Support
Live-In Parents
The Nursing Home Decision
Watching, Waiting, and Praying
Going Home

No guilt.
No “how-you-can-do-it better.”
Just gentle encouragement and inspiration by over 100 caregivers in the trenches.

OakTara Publishers in asociation with Ampelos Press, 2012
232 pages. Trade paper.
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SEMINAR ON CD also available for $8.95


$12.95 -  Caring for Aging Parents Book
$8.95 -  Caring for Aging Parents CD