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Other Writing How-To Cds
Marlene Bagnull

Marlene has put in years of hard work in the trenches and packed each workshop with concrete and usable information. An intangible plus is her warm voice of  encouragement, which has helped me, and many another lonely writer, through those pits  of discouragement we all face.   Susan K. Wright - Bridgeville, PA

Marlene is anointed to share her writing and publishing wisdom with others. She cares about her students and her teaching is fresh and current. She is making a difference.   Linda Evans Shepherd ~ Longmont, CO

  1. Best Opportunities in Christian Periodicals
    Hundreds of Christian magazines are begin published. Which ones offer the best opportunity for getting into print? An overview of the scope, needs, and trends in Christian publishing with four helpful handouts.

  2. Put Your Best Foot Forward
    We all start a journey on one foot. To make a good impression on an editor, start on your best foot by knowing - and respecting - the editor's rights and learning how to effectively write cover and query letters. Marlene's "Baker Dozen" of cover letter do's and don'ts include humorous how-not-to examples. NOTE: Do not order if you've ordered the Called to Write His Answer Seminar as this CD is very similar to Idea to Published Manuscript.

  3. Recycling Used Into New Sales
    How to recycle your ideas for new markets, new readers, new opportunities to touch lives: the recycling procedure and mechanics, getting more mileage from your idea, and tools to help you become more efficient.

  4. The Power of Story
    Key elements to developing page-turning fiction. Developing your characters and plot. Creating scenes and settings. Using dialogue effectively and resolving problems with viewpoint.

  5. Writing Daily Devotionals
    My very first sale was to The Secret Place, a daily devotional magazine. Since then I've written and sold hundreds of devotionals and compiled and edited two devotionals books. Train yourself to see, capture, and develop ideas into short (and salable) nuggets of truth. Learn the do's and don'ts, types of formats, markets, and how to use an economy of words to make a life-changing impact 75 minute workshop recorded live at Glorieta Christian Writers Conference.

  6. Writing Devotional/Inspirational Books
    Learn how to find ideas, sharpen your focus and develop your material to make an impact on your readers. Compilations are discussed.

  7. Writing Your Testimony
    At some point, you're likely to be called upon to write or to give your salvation testimony. Are you ready? Examine the key elements in the Apostle Paul’s testimony. Learn do's and don’ts.

  1. NEW! – Writing Articles that Touch Lives (from ECPA 2016)
    If we hope to touch lives through the articles we write, we need to know the Lord, know what His Word says and means, know ourselves, and know our audience. Practical pointers for writing powerful, life-changing articles. You’ll discover the Habakkuk 2:2 blueprint to effectively “Write His Answer” and learn how to pass the “So what?” test.
  2.  New! – Hook ‘em from the Get-Go: Hold ‘em to the End (from ECPA 2016)
    With other 1,000 sales to Christians periodicals, Marlene has developed a checklist to help you create, rewrite, and edit your articles so that you can be certain you’ll hook ‘em from the get-go and hold ‘em to the end. You’ll learn how to capture and how your reader’s attention and how to use a checklist to polish your articles until they shine.
$6.00 -  #1 Best Opportunities in Christian Periodicals
$6.00 -  #2 Put Your Best Foot Forward
$6.00 -  #3 Recycling Used Into New Sales
$6.00 -  #4 The Power of Story
$6.00 -  #5 Writing Daily Devotionals
$6.00 -  #6 Writing Devotional/Inspirational Books
$6.00 -  #7 Writing Your Testimony
$6.00 -  #8 Writing Articles that Touch Lives
$6.00 -  #9 Hook 'em from the Get-Go; Hold 'em to the End