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My Name is Tait
by Tait Berge

Life is hard. Add in a disability, and it can be even more challenging. Tait knows. In My Name is Tait, Tait writes about his successes, challenges and hard times as he faces a world that doesn’t always accept his disability. In this book, you’ll have a front seat as Tait shares his thoughts on disability, family, education, work experience, and much more. Written for young adults who live with disabilities, My Name is Tait is a honest look at the issues people with disabilities face as they enter adulthood and navigate world that wasn’t designed for disability. Tait also writes with great wisdom and insight for professionals and friends who want to better understand the realities of having physical limitations. My Name Is Tait offers hope and practical help for young people looking for a compassionate guide into the world of adulthood.

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