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Praying a Blessing for Someone
by Eric Sprinkle and Laura Shaffer

Ever wanted to pray for someone or something for 40 days? It's a bit daunting right? But what if you had help? A personal Guide to walk you through it, day-by-day? You're about to. Get ready to read through some of the most beautiful, Biblically-based, inspiring prayers-all with the laser-focused intent of asking God to bring His love, joy, peace, and other wonderful blessings into their everyday life. Examples of your journey ahead include blessing someone with - • Humor and Sensing God's Presence • Time Management and Great Sleep • Family, Healing, and Divine Appointments • Courage and a Solution to a Problem they're facing Patience, direction, wisdom and encouragement. The list goes on and on. And with your own personal "Prayer Warrior" to help, all you have to do is pray through what we've provided, inserting your person's name, and watch what happens. Because whomever you choose is about to see some serious blessings springing up in their life. The prayers are for them, the journey is for you. Get ready for amazing things to happen in their life, and in yours. How can you possibly pray this for another and not share in a little blessing of joy each day yourself? You're going on a 40-day Journey petitioning the Almighty to bless someone's life, and who knows what ripples are going to bless those around them as a result. Want to have some fun and see? Grab your copy today and let's do this!


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