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Keep Writing For Him
by Milton Smith

When Milton Smith was President of Wordwrights, a Christian writing group in Oklahoma City, he always signed his monthly newsletter columns “Keep writing for Him.” For nine years, 2004 to 2012, he shared practical ideas and words of encouragement for Christian writers, as well as personal stories of God at work in his life. Wordwrights members were inspired by his President's Messages, which urged writers to "plug into God's love and His power," and more than one later suggested sharing them in a book. Despite being terminally ill with cancer, Milton never lost interest in his writing ministry. During his final months, he reviewed his messages and agreed they should be published. Writing was Milton’s passion, and he wanted to motivate others to use their God-given gift of writing to shine for His Glory. In Milton's own words, "we all need to Keep Writing for Him.”



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