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A Woman God Can Bless
by Sharon Elliot

If God is real and so powerful, why won’t He just tell me what to do and fix things in my life? If God wants me to follow Him, why is the Bible so hard to understand? Why do I feel like I have to work so hard to please Him? Living the Christian life is not turning out to be as simple as you thought it would be. After the initial excitement of realizing you’ve missed hell and made heaven, the equal realization has become clear: you’ve got to live here in this life for a while. If your life was a house, you expected Jesus to stay comfortably in the living room where you could serve Him when and how you wanted to do so. But alas, He keeps getting up, traipsing through the other rooms, and even suggesting that He be allowed to open closed doors. Are you willing to allow Him to peek into every room – to actually speak into the areas of your life you’d much rather prefer to hide, ignore, or totally wash away? The answer to that vague discomfort keeping you from experiencing the fullness of God’s favor just might lie behind those doors.


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