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In the Warmth of the Shadow
by Robert N. Ruesch with David P. Semeyn

Growing up in a resort setting gives a person a special portal view on life. Most individuals and families will be on vacation for a limited amount of time each summer. But what if you were to grow up in a vacation resort where each week, every summer your life was increasingly different than the summer before? Where every summer you had the chance to meet new individuals, oftentimes each week. What if you had the chance to work with college students from across the USA and other countries? How would those experiences shape your life as an adolescent and then a young adult? This book takes you on a journey through the eyes of a child who had the privilege of growing up in a vacation world high in the Colorado Rockies in a resort setting. From pumping gas to serving watermelon for two thousand or more, to seeing the joy of families vacationing and working with summer college staff that created lifetime friendships, the author places into words what it was like to live in a rocky mountain paradise. This is your chance to read about a kid who grew up in a one-of-a-kind Christian camp/resort setting and the individuals he met and how many people from all walks of life, along with a resort, can shape and influence a life.

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