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The Chubby Church Book 2
by Jendayi Harris

The Chubby Church Book 2: An Order to Win the 7 Battles of the Weight & Eating War for Good! Are you a Jesus lover who struggles with health, weight, and eating? The Chubby Church books will help you to move the weight and eating mountain in your life. If you're tired of weight ups and downs, on and off dieting, hating your body, or struggling with foods - get this book series today. In The Chubby Church Book series, Book 1 is a guide for Whole & Free Health in Body, Soul, and Spirit, and Book 2 is an action guide for what to do with food, eating, body image and more. If applied, you will win the weight and eating war for life. In a loving tone with scriptural foundations, humor, practical strategies, and well-researched insights The Chubby Church Book 2 is sure to bring weight and eating victory! Purchase today to learn: • How to Rebuke the Sugar Demon and her Cheesy Cousins to end food addictions for life. • How to perform a Gluttonectomy to eliminate the habit of overeating and binge eating. • Food truth in God's Life Abundantly Standard way to taste and see what the Lord called "good for food" to overcome processed foods and unclean eating. • Keys to Jump off the Body Shame Train and enjoy body confidence. • Proper ways to fast for freedom instead of Fleshy Fasting. • Tips to Resize Family Fat Genes so you can prevent generational obesity and MORE! You'll have the ammunition to Win the 7 Battles of the Weight & Eating War to overcome Weight & Eating Bondage for Good! Jendayi Harris is a minister of practical advice on how to do life in CHrist well. She's a Licensed Professional Counselor (CO), Senior Productivity Consultant, Board-Certified Health Coach, and Board-Certified National Counselor. She believes the best thing we can do for our families and nation is to get healthy in body, soul, and spirit. Jendayi speaks at Fortune 500 firms and churches alike, with an affinity for coaching Christ-centered leaders to pitmize their resources to powerfully impact the Kingdom of God.


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