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The Chubby Church
by Jendayi Harris

The Chubby Church is for men and women who want freedom from weight and eating struggles. Is that you?★★★ ✓ Are you frustrated with your weight? ✓ Have you tried several diet to no avail? ✓ Do you ahve a chronic disase due to poor diet? ✓ Do you struggle with emotional eating? ✓ Do you feel out of control with food? In a loving tone with humorous personal stories, practical stragegies, and well-researched insights, The Chubby Church is sure to help you go boldly toward weight and eating freedom! You'll learn: • How to Habitize Body Stewardship to motivate healthy habits for life • Why we overeat in what Jendayi calls Grubbology • WHy we're super scared to drop our chubby suits in Chubbology • How to replace a Dieter's Mindset with a Freedom Minset to end on and off again dieting behaviors • The Emotional Fitness Workout™ so you can prevent emotional eating Finally a path for victory over one of the most prevalent, yet under-discussed areas of bondage within the church: Weight & Eating Bondage. Jendayi Harris is a minister of practical advice on how to do life in Christ well. She's a Licensed Professioanl Counselor (CO), Senior Productivity Consultant, Board-Certified Health Coach, and Board-Certified Naitonal Counselor. She believers the best thing we can do for our families and naiton is to get healthy in body, soul, and spirit. Jendayi speaks at Fortune 500 firms and churches alike, with an affinity for coaching Christ-centered leaders to optimize their resources to powerfully impact the Kingdom of God.


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