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How to Write a Book and Get it Published
by Debbie Hardy

Do you have a book inside of you, waiting, screaming to get out? How to Write a Book AND Get it Published will give you the basics, so you’ll know what to do and expect each step of the way. From getting an idea to earning royalties, learn what’s involved in writing and publishing your story, whether for your family or for the whole world.The entire process of birthing a book can take years, especially if you publish traditionally. And the actual writing is only one step in the journey. This book outlines 49 more steps, from starting with an original idea to being interviewed on TV and radio. There are some steps that may surprise you, like “Grow thick skin” and “You will need to buy your own books.” This book will be an eye-opener to novice authors and a roadmap for others. It clearly presents the logistics of writing, publishing, and marketing. If you want to write a book, whether for family and friends or the general public, you need to be aware of these 50 steps so you won’t be blindsided by the realities of the publishing world. Plus, there are hints in here to help you build your readership that could possibly make you a bestseller. This is the guide you need to make your publishing dreams come true.


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