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Biz on the Go
by Barbara Haley

Biz McNeely is forced to retire after managing a trucking company for over twenty-five years. She controls every relationship in her life until the day comes when family and friends pull away—unwilling to tolerate her critical interference any longer. Outspoken, driven, and used to working with men, Biz balks when she senses God leading her to reach out to the women of her church. She forges ahead but quickly realizes she must deny her controlling nature and learn to depend on God for direction. Biz On the Go will induce laughter and tears as you join this wacky, colorful group of middle-aged women in a fun-filled, emotionally-charged drama of realistic life experiences. Beyond that, you will discover that while healthy and meaningful relationships require commitment, honesty and self-sacrifice, the value of friendship is worth it all. Nancy Rue, author of over 200 books, says: “Few authors can combine humor, faith and depth of emotion the way Barb Haley does. You will either see yourself in Biz—or wish she lived next door. Both Biz and Barb give us permission to embrace God’s love and be the women we were made to be.”


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