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The Root Cellar Mystery
by Holly DeHerrera

Old Order Mennonite cousins, Poppy and Sadie, suspect “A re-e-a-a-al criminal!” is staying at Aendi Hannah’s bed and breakfast. Then a missing dog, a mysterious code, creepy creaks, and a floating light in the dark of night only make Poppy and Sadie more jumpy and suspicious of their strange, elderly guest. Even trusting Aendi Hannah wants to keep an eye on her snowy headed guest. After spotting wads of green bills in Ms. Lindy’s large trunk, the sleuthing cousins wonder: Was Ms. Lindy just released from prison and is she a thief? To figure out what this little old, Mennonite grandmother is up to, the junior detectives spy on their mysterious guest. Why has Ms. Lindy come to Middlebury, Indiana, and what is the puzzling stranger searching for in Aendi Hannah’s root cellar? Confused by Ms. Lindy’s odd behavior and an accidental discovery in an old-timey recipe journal, the nosy amateur sleuths hit a dead end. Will Poppy and Sadie’s snoopery solve the mystery surrounding Ms. Lindy’s past in this cozy mystery in the children’s Middlebury Mystery series?


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