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Catch - Book 3 of Guarded Series
by Darcie Gudger

When Kisrie Kelley’s lifelong nemesis Wendy Wetz crashes the Wyoming wilderness trip arranged exclusively for Kisrie and her color guard friends, it’s all Kisrie can do to keep her cool. Okay, so the “trip” is actually punishment for when the girls inadvertently foiled a police sting and caused a sex trafficking ring to get away. They’re supposed to learn to work together and make wise decisions, but is that even possible with trouble making Wendy, who isn’t even a member of guard, tagging along? What Kisrie doesn’t know is that Wendy is purposely drawing the man who kidnapped her toward herself to protect Kisrie’s younger sister. She also doesn’t know the serious PTSD Wendy’s fighting through each grueling step of the trip. Is there any chance a girl like her can be redeemed, or will the former Queen of Mean revert to her old ways for good? Pushed to their limits in the unforgiving wilderness, Kisrie and Wendy must face their fears. But what if the biggest fear is secretly hunting Wendy? If Kisrie happens to be in the way, well, that’s life… Or death.


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