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Toss - Book 2 of Guarded Series
by Darcie Gudger

Kisrie Kelly’s worst enemy Wendy Wetz has disappeared. On any other day it would be a good thing—she’d throw a parade and dance in the street—but Kiz’s little sister has vanished as well, leaving most to believe the girls are in the hands of bad people. Determined to bring her sister home, she knows the first forty-eight hours are the most critical, at least that’s what she knows from reading suspense novels. Soon Kisrie takes matters into her own hands with the help of her color guard friends. She’ll do anything to get her annoying sister back, even if it means spending a night in jail and worse yet, bringing Wendy home too. But she soon finds herself face-to-face with way more than she bargained for—the evil world of human trafficking. Her family’s worst nightmare has the power to bring them together or blow them all apart.


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