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by Linda Wortell

Following a normal day in the life of our fourteen-year-old daughter—school, extracurricular activities, and homework—came a quiet night’s sleep. However, Grace’s world was profoundly changed, as she awoke with a severe headache and total memory loss.
We promptly sought medical attention, ruling out a stroke, drugs, seizures, encephalitis, meningitis, and tumors. Immediately, family and friends gathered to pray at Grace’s bedside. Every single test was negative. I recall saying “I’m not sure how long this journey will be, short or long, but this will be a journey of faith.”
Fervently, we prayed for guidance and patience. All of our strength and stamina were needed to face each minute of every day that followed, but Our Lord was indeed carrying us through. As we taught our daughter each step of the way, she was able to relearn any information. But where was everything she had learned in the past fourteen years?
God provided the loving Christian friends and family, who provided company for Grace, made meals, and prayed. God was guiding us and supporting us during this mysterious time. Our journey was not simple, for God did not intend it to be.
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