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The Place of the Mourning Doves
Karleen Dewey

Reaching Out to Romanian Orphans

 In a tiny corner of Romania's Transylvania miracles are happening. God is on the move through an international group of Christian volunteers. In 1990, the media revealed the tragic conditions of institutionalized Romanian orphans. Karleen Dewey takes the reader on her journey of heartbreak and hope as these children struggle toward healing. Orphanage life can devastate a child. Many obstacles thwart the efforts of the volunteers to advocate for the children, but they persevere. The greatest miracle is when a child knows he is loved and can return love. Joy comes when one "broken" child can overcome and "fly away" on his own. No longer are they "trash" to be thrown away, but delightful sons and daughters of God, their Creator.

ISBN 978-0-9661305-8-4
208 pages  Trade paper
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