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Benard's Vision - The Quest of a Kenyan Pastor
Beth Ann Morgan

Thousands of orphans. Glue-sniffing boys. Girls who sell their bodies. Starving men struggling to provide for their families. Grieving widows. AIDS . . . Meet one man making a difference in his community that is desperate, dying, and without hope. Driven to better the lives of his people, he sacrifices to plant churches, orphanages, and place the lonely in families. His vision to change lives continues to move the hearts of many around the world. Benard Ondiek has a story that must be heard.

ISBN 978-0-9821653-0-0
208 pages Trade paper
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From Beth Ann Morgan, author of Benard's Vision
"Benard’s Vision would not be the book it is today without the talent, dedication, and prayer of Marlene Bagnull. During the endless hours of editing, Marlene maintained a positive, encouraging attitude and combed every page meticulously until the end. I learned much from her during the process both personally and professionally, and I consider her one of the top resources available to Christian writers.”


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