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Bobby Gilliam Big and Strong

by Carolyn Byers Ruch

Red Boot Publishers, 2015
36 pages. Trade paper.
Children’s picture book

Bobby Gilliam dreams of becoming a pilot and a surfer, but mostly he wants to be a soccer player—just like his dad. After he has a nightmare about an alien who wants to take him away and give him the universe, his father teaches him about a real-life “alien” he may one day face—a person who might show him pornography or ask him to play secret games involving inappropriate touch. Later, someone Bobby trusts tests his ability to keep secrets and begins to show him an inappropriate video. But because of his father’s wise teaching and loving relationship with his son, Bobby knows what to do and who to tell.

Bobby Gilliam, our book for boys and Ana’s Song (also entitled Rise and Shine), our book for girls, will help you build a bridge of communication between yourself and the kids you love and long to protect. Please, read our stories. Begin the conversation. Build the bridge. Break the silence. So your children, like Bobby, the hero in Bobby Gilliam, Brave and Strong, and Ana, the heroine in Ana’s Song, are free to become all they were created to be.

Bobby Gilliam, Brave and Strong and Ana's Song are available in both faith-based and community versions on Also available to read online at