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Grace and Weight - Encouragement for Dieters
Grace and Weight

by Marlene Bagnull
Ampelos Press, 2020 
98 pages
Retail $7.95 

Are you losing the battle of the bulge and not the pounds?

“Grace and Weight might be about the thousandth book I’ve read on shedding rebellious pounds that refuse to leave my body, but this book uniquely comforts and encourages me. Marlene honestly and cheerfully shares her battles with scales, numbers, and chocolate delights. Grace and Weight begins and ends with the love of Jesus for all of us who carry love/hate relationships with food and even ourselves. Here we find practical help, freedom from shame, and wonderful hope.” 
Lynne Babbitt, MA – Psychotherapist

“A beautiful devotional for those of us that know the struggle of weight and eating deeply. Marlene walks us through day by day to receive the fullness of the grace of God. I love her fun and faith filled prayers to help even with dark chocolate! This devotional is a must read and is also a big loving hug.”
Jendayi Harris – Author of The Chubby Church Books –