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The Bible or the Axe
William O. Levi

The Bible or the Axe
One man’s dramatic escape from persecution in the Sudan

William O. Levi

Exile. Persecution. Torture. The riveting story of one man's escape from the Sudan. By the muddy banks of the Kulo-jobi River, a young Sudanese boy is faced with a decision that will shape the rest of his life. William Levi was born in southern Sudan as part of a Messianic Hebrew tribal group and spent the majority of his growing up years as a refugee running from Islamic persecution. He was eventually taken captive for refusing to convert to Islam and suffered greatly at the hands of his captors.

After escaping Islamic forces, William eventually came to the United States where he attended college. Since that time, he has been sharing his story nationwide and petitioning members of congress to take action to end the violence in Sudan. His story of deliverance will touch the hearts of believers and raise their awareness to the plight of our Sudanese brothers and sisters in Christ.

Note from Marlene: I have had the privilege of praying with William and listening to him speak at the Greater Phlly Christian Writers Conference. This is an important book to read and pass on.

Moody Publishers, 2005
ISBN l0-8024-1138-X
264 pages. Trade paper.
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