SKWD Ministries

I am so excited that this website, the umbrella for my writing, speaking, and conference ministry, has been redesigned by by SKWD. If you visited this site in the past couple of  months, you found only one page with no banner or navigation buttons. There was more; it just wasn’t accessible. I’m praising God for the new look and SKWD’s EZ-CMS (content management system). It’s amazing and really is easy, just as Bruce promised. He told me it’s like using a word processor. And it is!

I hadn’t seen EZ-CMS in action, and I admit I was a little anxious. (I didn’t realize there is a video on their website.) I don’t do well with the learning curve of using new software (a computer can make me feel so stupid!), and with the Philly conference just three weeks away this was far from an ideal time. I’m so grateful Father encouraged me to trust Him and SKWD. I’ve not been disappointed! Finally, I have a website that is easy and FUN to use. I can make changes, deletions, add photos, and add pages so easily from the management menu. It’s quicker and easier than having someone else do it for a price that would have been more than I could afford. PTL! No more HTML code or CSS Style sheets!

I’ve got lots more I’m eager to add to the site but it, and the “real” shopping cart that SKWD is going to build, will need to wait until after the August 1-4 Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference.

A professional website is such an important ministry tool, but creating one on our own can be an enormous challenge. Been there – done that! Tried so hard and yet, as I shared in a recent blog, I became very discouraged by the accusations of the evil one that my best was not good enough.

I really can’t recommend SKWD highly enough. Not only are they gifted professionals, they love the Lord and have a heart for ministry. They are certainly the answer to my prayers. Perhaps yours too!

SKWD will have a table at the Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference.  If you’re able to come, I hope you’ll stop by. If you’re not able to make the conference, SKWD is still offering a discount because you’re on my mailing list.

Thank You, Father, for connecting me with SKWD Ministries. Thank You for “Their Heart” for ministry and that their primary goal is also mine.

Our primary goal is to bring glory to God in all that we do . . .
            with our lives,
                   in our websites,
                         partnering with other ministries,
       reaching our towns, cities, country, and world . . .