Mastering the Craft Seminar

One-day seminar - suggested format
Seminar begins at 8:15 am and ends at 5:00 pm

Bible Study - Created to Minister
Key elements we need to remember if we want God to touch hearts and change lives through our writing.

Workshop 1 - The Power of Writing Personal Experience Stories & Testimonies
Learn how to pass on to your readers the help and comfort God has given you. Seven essential elements of a personal experience story or testimony and pitfalls to avoid.

Workshop 2 - Writing Articles that Sell and Touch Lives
Disorganized, rambling articles that fail to pass the "so what?" test will not get into print. How to sharper your focus, develop a sound structure, create strong reader identification, and teach instead of preach.

Workshop 3 - Hooking Your Readers from the Get-Go
Tips for writing fiction and non-fiction that will capture your reader's attention and keep them reading.

Workshop 4 - Gaining the Edge Professionally
The importance and how-to's of self-editing and targeting your manuscript to the appropriate publication. Tools to help you take the pain out of marketing. (Focus on selling to periodicals.)