Get Your Book in Print Seminar

Whether you're a beginning writer or have been writing for years, this seminar is designed to encourage and equip you to be His witness to your family and friends, community, nation, and to the "ends of the earth" through books, booklets, pamphlets, tracks, and other products. Learn how to lay a solid foundation for your book, research the markets, and write a book proposal that will capture the editor's interest and cause him to want to read your entire manuscript. Discover the ministry potential and how-to's of self-publishing and when self-publishing is a better option than seeking a royalty publisher. Regardless of how you publish your book, booklet, or other product, learn how to effectively promote it so that God may be glorified in Ephesians 3:20 ways.

Marlene, just thought you'd like to know
that I have recently signed my latest book contract,
a contract for a book of devotionals for teens
just at the start of a dating relationship.
When asked what prompted the publisher
to ask for my complete manuscript,
the publisher wrote,
"The well crafted proposal you sent us
resulted in us asking for a complete submission."
Since I learned the basic format for the proposal
from your book-writing seminar,
I thought you'd like the encouragement of knowing that
what you taught made a difference!

Emily Chase

One-day seminar - suggested format

Seminar begins at 8:15 am and ends at 5:00 pm

Bible Study - How Can I Know God Has Called ME to Write a Book?

Workshop 1 - Laying a Solid Foundation for Your Book

Do you have a book-length idea? Are you ready to write it? Will it meet a need? Is your idea sharply focused? How can you determine the best format for your idea? How can you keep abreast of trends and research the market for potential publishers?

Workshop 2 - Green Light Marketing

Marketing can be more difficult than writing. Learn what the editor needs to present your book to committee and how to package your book proposal so that it will get a green light.

Workshop 3 - Successful Self-Publishing

Many successful authors have begun by self-publishing. Learn cautions, costs, and how-to's for publishing books, booklets, pamphlets, tracts, and other products.

Workshop 4 - Spreading the Word: Effective Promotion

Regardless of how you publish your book, you must promote it. Learn what you can do and how you can do it in a manner honoring to the Lord, as well as the importance of presenting a promotional plan as part of your book proposal.

Two-day seminar/retreat - suggested format
Friday & Saturday

Begins with registration at 1:30 on Friday followed by the Bible study, "How Can I Know God Has Called ME to Write a Book?" (see above). Saturday morning's Bible study is on "The Writer's Armor." The seminar ends at 5:00 on Saturday.

Workshop 1 - Hooking Your Readers from the Get-Go

Learn how to write a first chapter (fiction and non-fiction) that will keep your readers (including the acquisitions editor) turning the pages.

Workshop 2 - Gaining the Edge Professionally

The importance and how-to's of self-editing.

Critique Session - Portions of as many manuscripts as possible are read. Whether or not your manuscript is critiqued, you'll learn principles you can apply to your own writing.