What Authors Are Saying . . .


Becky Toews
Author of Between the Lamp Posts

Marlene Bagnull isn't just any editor. She brings a unique combination of expertise and sensitivity to the process. While editing my book, she knew my tight deadline, and worked diligently to meet it. She encouraged me every step of the way, offering invaluable critique and professionalism as well as prayer. We writers know the importance of solid editing. I can't think of anyone to entrust our work to better than Marlene.

Beth Ann Morgan
Author of Benard's Vision - The Quest of a Kenyan Pastor
Benard’s Vision would not be the book it is today without the talent, dedication, and prayer of Marlene Bagnull.  During the endless hours of editing, Marlene maintained a positive, encouraging attitude and combed every page meticulously until the end.  I learned much from her during the process both personally and professionally, and I consider her one of the top resources available to Christian writers.

Candy Abbott
Author of Gavin Goodfellow - The Lure of Burnt Swamp
I shudder to think what my life would be like if I had never met Marlene Bagnull, and I rejoice as I reflect on what God has already done with my writing  through her workshops and conferences. . . .Her conferences and mentoring are an anchor for excellence in Christian writing. Without her, my writing would stink. So, thank you, Marlene, for taking my raw material and seeing the potential in me. Truly, God has used you and your teachings to equip me to "write His answer."

R. Dandridge Collins, Ph.D.
Author of The Trauma Zone & psychologist
No one has been more inspirational and available than Marlene Bagnull, LittD. Her creative editing has strengthened the message in this manuscript.

Wanda L. Dyson
Suspense novelist
I wouldn't think of sending in a manuscript without having Marlene edit and critique it first. She knows exactly what the publisher will be looking for and how to make that that story tight, fast-paced, and well-written. We brainstorm over plot twists and characterizations. I don't think I would have landed the kind of contracts I land if it wasn't for her working her magic on my novels.

Vickie Baker
Former trapeze artist now with the Lord
Marlene exclaimed at my very first writers' conference, "You can really write!" Her suggestions hit even harder! I'm thankful to her for believing in me and for corralling my scattered thoughts to shape my books into reality.

J. L. Hardesty
Author of The Lost Legend Trilogy
I thank God every day for the gifts He has given Marlene. Her ability to inspire is unparalleled. She is the finest editor anyone could ever pray or hope for.

Eric and Leslie Ludy
Best-selling authors
Marlene Bagnull’s superb editing and critiquing skills proved immeasurably important in the development and honing of our first two book projects. Her dedication to excellence pushed us to a higher level of effectiveness in our writing. Always going above and beyond the call of duty in her work with us, Marlene helped us lay a solid foundation that has carried us into a successful writing career.