Best Foot Forward At Home Workshops

1 - FIRST STEPS - Includes sample Manuscript Format and assignment that helps you focus on the ideas and types of writing for which you’re suited. Workshop 1: “Being a Free-lance Writer,” provides answers to questions writers often ask. Workshop 2, “Terms of the Trade,” lists free-lancing terminology with definitions that inform and instruct. CD: “How Can I Know God Has Called ME to Write?” $34

2 - LIVING LIKE A FREE-LANCER - Describes free-lancing with an assignment to reinforce what you learn. Workshop 1, “All in Good Time Habits,” helps manage writing time. Workshop 2, “The Write Space,” establishes boundaries and work area. Workshop 3, “Publishing Degrees,” helps increase productivity and professionalism by degrees. CD: “Getting Started.” $34

3 - KEEPING TABS AND FINDING MARKETS - Shows you a workable system for keeping track of manuscripts, markets, expenses, and income; includes a Sample Bio for tallying publishing credits. CD: “Taking the Pain Out of Marketing” and Marketing Analysis Chart will show you how to decrease your frustration and increase your sales by assessing sources of information, analyzing and organizing marketing information, and determining the best opportunities. $34

4 - WRITING QUERY AND COVER LETTERS - Explains both types of letters and assigns a query, outline query, and cover letter for you to write on actual manuscripts or ideas. Workshop 1, “The Well-Addressed Manuscript,” shows you how to analyze the free-lance markets. Workshop 2, “Queries Inquire,” provides a sample outline query. Workshop 3, “Cover Letters Cover,” discusses content and gives a sample cover letter. CD: “Putting Your Best Foot Forward.” $34

5 - REVISING WITH STYLE - Gives an Evaluation Sheet to help you identify and correct writing problems. The assignment includes your revision of one of your manuscripts or book chapter. Workshop 1: “Spotting and Correcting Flaws,” helps you check your idea and approach. Workshop 2, “Speaking the Language,” covers common mistakes. Workshop 3, “Exploring Style,” helps you analyze your style to make it work for you. CD: “Making It Hapen.” $34

Entire course $155 ($15 savings) - plus $7 shipping