Ampelos Press

Vision Statement

Strongly, unashamedly, uncompromisingly Christ-centered.
Exalting the name of Jesus Christ.
Seeking to teach His ways
through holding up the Word of God
as the Standard.

Ampelos is the Greek word
for vine in John 15:4.

Ampelos Press Books


To make it possible for Christians to self-publish their books affordably yet professionally. Services (depending on what is needed) include critiquing, editing, proofreading, typesetting, and cover design.

Before making the decision to self-publish, it is important to carefully and prayerfully consider all the options.  I recommend you order my Grow Your Writing Ministry Seminar that includes detailed handouts. 

I am especially interested in helping authors independently publish books about missions and the needs of children. I will also consider issues fiction. I am not actively soliciting manuscripts, but am happy to speak to writers at conferences. The author receives all the income from the sales.