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Videos from 2023 Write His Answer Conference
Videos from WHAC 2023

Over 120 video replays from our August 9-12 conference
are available to view through December 31, 2023.

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KEYNOTES – Click here for descriptions
Pursue, Overtake, and Recover – Michael Gantt
Incorporating God’s Word to Transform Lives – Michael Klassen
Our Voice in a Hostile Climate – Peter Lundell
The Power of Telling True Stories – Dr. Craig von Buseck
What’s Holding You Back? – Twila Belk
Taking the Leap – Tez Brooks
Equipped to Win – Louise L. Looney

LEARNING LABS - Click here for descriptions
Adapt Your Story into a Screenplay – Rowena Kuo
Transitions: Turning Spoken Words into Written Ones – Tim Riter
The Why and How of Website Creation – Jonathan Shank
Basic Editing and Chainsaw Editing with a Scalpel Touch – David Fessenden
Writing for the Homeschool Market – Lynn Dean
Speak with Power, Passion, and Polish – Yvonne Ortega
Writer, Thou Art Loosed! WriteCamp Intensive – Beatrice Bruno
Honest Fiction that Honors the Father – Terry Brennan
Is There a Book Dr. in the House? – Diana Flegal & Eddie Jones (not recorded)

CONTINUING SESSIONS - Click here for descriptions
Authentic Writing that Changes Lives – Peter Lundell, D.Miss.
Exploring the Art of Fiction – DiAnn Mills
Think Like a Publisher: Self-Publishing Made Simple – Scoti Domeij
Writing for Magazines – Sherri Langton
The #1 Way to Grow a Rock-Solid Platform: Serve Your Audience – Patricia Durgin
How to Write Narrative Nonfiction and Memoir – Dr. Craig von Buseck
Develop a Unique Marketing Plan – Karen Whiting
Writing for Children: Ages 3 through 12 – Pam Halter
The Christian Communicator – Kevin Wayne Johnson

WORKSHOPS - Click here for descriptions

Writing Your Past into Your Fiction (E1) – Susan Baganz
Writing for the Digital Age: Leveraging Technology to Improve Your Craft (E2) – Michael Klassen
Storytelling (E3) – Karen Porter 
Partnering with God as You Write (E4) – Cheryl Ricker (not recorded)
Practical Goal Setting for Procrastinating Writers *E6) – Bob Ruesch
Which Publishing Plan to Take? Tradition vs. Self-Publishing (E7) – Michele Chynoweth
Children’s Media Trends (E8) – Stephen O’Rear
The ABCs of Podcasting: Acoustics, Brodcasting, Connections (E9) – Patti Shene

Connecting in the Industry (1A) – DeeDee Lake
Storyboarding (2A) – Dr. Sharon Norris Elliott
Is Ghostwriting for You? (3A) – Twila Belk
How to Ber a Great Radio/Podcast Guest (4A) – Tez Brooks
Co-Authoring: First-hand Experience (5A) – Susan Baganz & DeeDee Lake
Don’t Despise the Small Things: Blogging (6A) – Sandy Kirby Quandt

Brand, Expand, and Plan (1B) – Dr. Sharon Norris Elliott
Felt Needs Writing (2B) – Cheri Cowell (not recorderd)
Excellence in Writing: Four Painful Steps (3B) – Tim Riter
Journalistic Techniques in Christian Writing (4B) – David Fessenden
Write to Evoke and Provoke (5B) – Catherine Lawton
How Poetry Improves Prose (6B) – Tim Riter (to be presented Nov 20)

Bridging the Gap with Edgy Christian Fiction (1C) – Michele Chynoweth
The Twelve Essentials for Creative Character Development (2C) – Michelle Lazurek
Researching Historical Fiction: Writing a Window into Another World (3C) – Lynn Dean & Gail Kittleson
Backstory Blowout (4C) – Rowena Kuo
When Setting Becomes a Character (5C) – Gail Kittleson
Subplot Sanity (6C) – Amy Deardon

Writing to Heal (1D) – Yvonne Ortega
Writing About Trauma (2D) – Yvonne Ortega
Live a Page Turner, Leave a Legacy, Writing Your Story: Legacy Writing (3D) – Robin Gunder
Write for Guideposts Devotional Books (4D) – Sandy Kirby Quandt
Writing Devos (5D) – Twila Belk
The 21 Elements of a Great Nonfiction Book (6D) – Tez Brooks (to be presented)

Yes, You Can Write Compelling Copy for Kids (1E) – Marianne Hering (not recorded) 
Fantasy Genres: Where Do I Belong (2E) – Rowena Kuo
The Heart of Inspirational Romance (3E) – Susan Baganz
Equip, Engage & Empowerr Children to Stnd Against the Culture Clash (4E) – Joan Benson & Marjorie Wingert
How to Make Sure Your Picture Book is Better than AI (5E) – Marianne Hering 
Teens in a Class All Their Own (6E) – Jeanette Littleton (not recorded)

How to Get Published: The Basics and Beyond (1F) – Twila Belk
Book Proposal Distinctions (2F) – Terry Whalin (unable to be with us)
How to Get Published Guaranteed (3F) – Dr. James Hanak
What Editors Wish Writers Knew (4F) – Jeanette Littleton
Start Selling with Small Assignments (5F) – Terry Whalin (unable to be with us)
From Conference to Contract: Turning Your One Sheet into a Stellar Proposal (6F) – Michelle Lazurek (to be presented Nov 6)

Avoid the Scams to Happiuly Self-Publish (1G) – Amy Deardon
Alternatives to Traditional Publishing (2G) – Larry Carpenter
Cover Design & Creation (3G) – Dan Mawhinney (to be presented Nov 13)
Best Publishing Plan for You (4G) – Catherine Lawton
Formatting Your Book (5G) – Dan Mawhinney
Art of the Hook: Crafting Irrisistible Back Cover Copy (6G) – Michael Klassen (to be scheduled)

Platform Boosting Email Newsletters (1H) – Thomas Umstattd Jr.
Marketing for Writers & Speakers (2H) – Karen Porter
How to Sell Yourself (3H) – Thomas Umstattd Jr.
Using Media in Speaking (4H) – Karen Porter
Reaching Women (5H) – Linda Evans Shepherd 
Identifying Your Target Reader: The Starting Point to All Author Marketing (6H) – Dan Mawhinney

An Inside Scoop on Marketing (1I) – Stephanie Alton
Metadata Demystified: Keys to Book Discoverability (2I) – Catherine Lawton
Paying to Play: Prioritizing Your Marketing Budget (3I) – Michele Chynoweth
Sell Your Book Without a Platform (4I) – Amy Deardon
Your Platform May be Bigger than You Think (5I) – Dave Fessenden
Effective & Economical Ways to Market Your Book (6I) – Larry Carpenter & Shane Crabtree (to be presented Oct 23)

Impact Our Culture Panel – Wednesday
Impact Our Culture Panel – Thursday

Grand Staff Ministries – Becky Spencer
BIONIC (Believe It Or Not I Care) – Sandy Austin
AWSA and Esther Movement – Linda Evans Shepherd
God’s Little Ones – Catherine Jacobs
Testimony – Catherine Jacobs
Closing Challenge – Marlene Bagnull
Indie Publishers Panel
Agents Panel
Book Editors Panel
Magazine Editors Panel